Account Access by Phone

Bank Over the Phone

The automated telephone account access system gives you secure 24-hour access to your credit union accounts. You can retrieve your account information from home or work or while you’re away on vacation or business. The first time you use the system, it will verify your identity and then you can choose your own Personal Identification Number (PIN).

  • Review savings, checking, and loan account balances.
  • Review account histories including recent deposits, ATM activity, and loan payments.
  • Transfer funds within your account or to another authorized account.
  • Make loan payments or advances.
  • Reorder checks.
  • Request stop payments on checks.

Helpful Hints

  • When calling the system, you must press 1 for the main menu of services before entering your account number.
  • On your first visit, the system will prompt you to choose a PIN.
  • In the menu mode, you may press 0 (zero) at any time to speak to an operator. In the expert mode, press 60# to be transferred to an operator.
  • In the menu mode, the # sign will allow you to return to the previous menu.
  • In the menu mode, the * sign will end your call. In the expert mode, 99# will end your call.
  • Dollar amounts are processed without decimal points. Example: $10.25 would be keyed as 1025.
  • If you do not know the I.D. number of your share or loan account, you may refer to a statement or check the balance inquiry menu for a list of open share and loan accounts.
  • If you would like to include your debit/check card transactions in your checking account history information, choose the history inquiry menu and then the share history option, rather than the checking information menu.
  • After entering transfer or withdrawal information, please listen carefully to the options to process or cancel your request.
  • Visa credit card information is accessible through the loan menus.


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