Fee Schedule

Share and Share Draft (Checking) Account Fees

Account Fees
Statement Copy $2.00 per stmt
History Printout $2.00 per page
Check Cashing $5.00 per item
Deposited Item Returned $25.00 per Item
Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) All Items $26.00 per Item
Courtesy Pay/Overdraft $26.00 per item
Fees may apply to any of the of the following transactions: draft, in-person withdrawal, ACH transaction, ATM withdrawal or other electronic means
Stop Pay Draft/Bill Pay/ACH $25.00 per item
Draft/Check Copy $3.00 per item, up to five items
$5.00 per item, over five items
Temporary Checks $2.00/5
Check Printing Cost Varies Depending on Check Style and Quantity Ordered
Cashing NSF Check $5.00 per item
Account Closing Within 90 Days $20.00
Early Withdrawal Fee for Club Account $20.00
Negative Account Closure $25.00
Collection Reporting Fee 40% of Balance
Empty Envelope Deposit $30.00
Dormant Account Fee $5.00

Negotiable Items

Negotiable Items
Credit Union Checks $2.00 per item
Certified Check $5.00 per item
Money Order $2.00 per item
Stop payment on Credit Union Checks $25.00 per item
Incoming Collection Item $5.00 per item
Outgoing Collection Item $65.00 per item
Additional fee may apply if foreign bank charges for collection
Outgoing Canadian Collection Item $10.00 per item

Pre-Paid Cards

Pre-Paid Cards
Visa® Travel Money Card $5.00 per item
Reload Travel Money Card $2.00 per item


Account Research (1-hour Minimum) $25.00 per hour
Account Balancing (1-hour Minimum) $25.00 per hour
Outgoing Wire Transfer $20.00
Incoming Wire Posting $5.00
Return Mail/Locator Charge(statements only) $3.00
Credit Union to Credit Union Transfer $20.00
ATM Card $12.00 per year
Reissue Debit/Credit/ATM Card $10.00
Rush Debit/Credit/ATM card $65.00
Draft Copy Debit/Credit $25.00
Garnishment/Levies $100.00
Vehicle Recovery Fee $100.00
Delinquent Loan Posting $5.00
Loan Payment with Card by Phone $15.00
Mortgage Subordination $100.00
Manual ACH/Draft Posting $5.00 per item
Non-SunWest Visa Cash Advance Fee $2.00
Drive Thru Canister $100.00
Notary (members only) Free
Signature Guarantee (members only) Free

Safe Deposit Box (yearly rental)

Safe Deposit Box (yearly rental)
3 x 5 $25.00
Golden Apple $20.00
5 x 5 $30.00
Golden Apple $25.00
3 x 10 $35.00
Golden Apple $30.00
5 x 10 $40.00
Golden Apple $35.00
10 x 10 $75.00
Golden Apple $65.00
One Safe Box Key Lost $35.00
Both Safe Box Keys Lost Third Party Service Fee Applies
Safe Box Drilling Third Party Service Fee Applies