SunWest Remodel Project at 4141 Sovereign Cir.

In Fall 2018, SunWest began the remodel process at the Pueblo South side branch. Many of the members have noticed and have been excited as we are. When you come into the branch today, you can now look out our new windows and see all the natural light that enters the building. Currently, inside, we are updating our lobby to provide even more benefits for our members. The construction walls have enclosed the bathrooms and half of the lobby. But there is no need to worry, all of our lenders and staff are still accessible and are eager to assist you in your financial journeys.

Please check back for photos and updates regarding the progress of the remodel project.

April Update

We are currently in full-fledged construction mode inside our building. It's apparent when you walk into the branch that this phase of the project brings with it a lot of noise and dust. While it's unsightly now, it's the necessary precursor for better things to come, and we're sure it will be well worth it in the end. So, please pardon our mess, and rest assured that there's a light at the end of the tunnel!

Ceiling image
Office Framing

Second Window

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Office Lobby

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