Motorcycle & ATV Loans

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We’re here to make fun more affordable! Now’s a great time to finance or refinance a boat, RV, motorcycle or ATV loan with SunWest. Talk to one of our lenders about lowering your rate, getting cash back, and taking a break from payments for 90 days. Apply today – this offer ends 12/31/2019!

*All loans subject to approval. Offer available to well qualified borrowers. Cash back offer and no payments for 90 days offer available to well qualified borrowers. Offer valid only on loans originated directly through a SunWest branch office or through our online application at Offer not valid on existing SunWest loans or collateral securing a loan at SunWest. Minimum loan amount $15,000. Offer valid on collateral 2010 and newer. Interest will accrue during the non-payment period. Offer Expires 12/31/2019.

Enjoy the Freedom of the Open Road or Trail

Perfect for the adrenaline junkie or road warrior inside of you, our Motorcycle Loan offers affordable financing on all types of new and used street and off-road motorcycles. With great rates, flexible terms and an easy application process, our Motorcycle Loan can help you start enjoying the freedom of the open road or trail you’ve been longing for.  We offer BOAT and RV loans too!

Current Rates
Motorcycle/ATV Loan Rates
Year Loan Rate*
as low as
2017 - 2019 5.00% APR
2016 & Older 6.75% APR
* Rates may vary based on your credit history. APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
Motorcycle Rider on the road