Home Equity Loans & Lines

No closing costs home equity loan offerImagine what you could do!

Got big ideas to freshen up your home for fall, fit in a last-minute beach escape, or make merry plans for the holidays?  With a Home Equity Loan from SunWest Credit Union, it's easy to turn your home's equity into cash for all your grand plans for fall.  Use a home equity loan to fix it up, have some fun or get it done. 

Kitchen renovation
Master suite addition
New roof
Paradise vacation

Debt consolidation
Holiday shopping

And More!


Apply for a Home Equity Loan between September 1 and Novemer 30, 2018 and we'll help you kick off your big plans with No Closing Costs!  Call or stop by your local SunWest branch to get started today.

All loans subject to approval. Offer applies to home equity loans of at least $20,000 and less than $150,000 with a minimum three-year term.  Maximum loan to value of 80% and maximum term of 10 years.  Offer not valid for real estate purchase transactions.  Applies to owner occupied, single family real estate.  Borrower may be required to pay closing costs if the loan is paid off and closed before 36 months.  Offer valid on applications received from September 1 – November 30 ,2018 and closed by December 31, 2018. A first position, 5-year home equity loan with a balance of $20,000, 80% loan-to-value, a 3.99% Annual Percentage Rate would require a monthly payment of approximately $368.24.  Total amount repaid would be $22,094.40. Property insurance required.  Payment may increase if escrow is required for taxes and insurance. Borrower pays escrow related funding costs including taxes and insurance.  Offer valid for well qualified borrowers.  Other restrictions may apply.  Call 719-561-0804 for complete details.  

Current Rates

HELOC Loan Rates
Real Estate Product Loan Rate Origination APR*
as low as
Monthly Payment
Home Equity Loans
2nd Mortgage 10 Year LTV<=80% 4.99% 0% Orig. 4.99% $106.04 on $10,000
2nd Mortgage 10 Years LTV>80% 6.90% 0% Orig. 6.90% $115.64 on $10,000
Home Equity Line of Credit**
Home Equity Line of Credit LTV <=80% 0% Orig. P+0.5% Payment based on outstanding balance.
Home Equity Line of Credit LTV >80% 0% Orig. P+1% Payment based on outstanding balance.
* Rates may vary based on your credit history. APR=Annual Percentage Rate.
** A home equity line of credit is an open-end loan. The rate can vary and is based on prime rate plus a margin. Rates listed are the most current rates. However, they are subject to change. Rates vary based on credit history, loan-to-value, owner occupied status and other factors. Rates range from P + 0% APR (prime rate plus a 0% margin) to 21% APR (maximum APR). The prime rate is based on the published rate in the Wall Street Journal. Rates cannot increase/decrease by more than 2% per year. Closing costs to open a new home equity line of credit range from $200 to $1,200. Real estate payment estimates do not include amounts for taxes and insurance premiums. The actual payment obligation may be greater. For more information about our home equity plans, please contact a credit union representative at 719/561-0804. WSJ prime rate 5.25% effective 9//27/2018.

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