Consumer Loans

Personal loans are a flexible tool to help with whatever you need.  You can consolidate high-rate debt into an affordable monthly payment plan.  Use a personal loan to take a well-deserved vacation or pay for holiday expenses.  You have the flexibility to use the loan for almost any reason and the affordable payments will be easy on your budget. Apply now.   

Life is full of wants and needs and sometimes you need a little extra money. You can finance your next purchase - car, truck, boat, recreational vehicle, motorcycle and more - with a low-cost loan from SunWest. With low rates and flexible terms, you can choose the payment that you're comfortable with. Plus, you can simplify your life with automatic payments from a SunWest account.

Our online application is simple and easy to use. It only takes a few minutes to complete and in some cases you will receive an immediate answer.  Just click on the type of loan you're interested in, and you'll be connected to our quick application.  Check loan rates here. Click here to go to our loan application center.

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